Eau Rouge – S.E.A. // Live at Merlin, Stuttgart

We are very happy to be able to support the Stuttgart based music group Eau Rouge with our visuals at their live gigs. This is a live recording of Eau Rouge playing their song “S.E.A.” at Merlin, Stuttgart.
The cover artwork of their EP is printed onto a banner which we recreated for some of the animations. The animations are then mapped onto the banner to fit to the actual print. To the left and right of the banner we mapped ambient visuals onto molleton, unfortunately invisible to the cameras in this live recording. So go and see our collaboration live!

 Date:    01/11/2013
Client:     Eau Rouge
Production:     Lichtgestalten
Concept:     Lichtgestalten
Animation:    Lichtgestalten
Music:     Eau Rouge