FC Bayern – Mapping | Allianz Arena, München

After the last game of the year 2016, FC Bayern München had something special in mind to say ‚Danke‘ to their fans and supporters. A diverse projection mapping with 3D illusions covering the pitch in a retrospect of the last season and won trophies while celebrating the current team. Slowing down for a performance of the Tölzer Knabenchor in a christmas landscape after a short glimpse into Bavarian culture. And finally a grand ‚Danke‘ from the club and the team to the fan culture and their supporters.

Date: 21/12/2016
Client: FC Bayern München AG (Executive Board Member: Andreas Jung | Director Media, Digital and Communication: Stefan Mennerich | Head of Events: Doris Kintrup)
Creative Director: gewi – Thomas Gemeinwieser
Art Director: Lichtgestalten – Dominik Schatz, Philipp Kaiser
Technical Planning / Technical Provider / Hardware: Wilhelm & Wilhalm Event Technology GmbH & Co. KG – Katharina Maercks
Executive Director: MUSIC COMPANY Media Productions OHG – Philipp Diehl-Thiele
Video Mapping / Animations: loop light GmbH – Matt Finke, Matthias Etz
Stream / Documentation: MM FILM & VIDEO Manfred Müller GmbH – Gerhard Friedrich
Composer: audio video disco – sound solutions – Daniel Requardt
Editor: Monika Stoeger, Helmar Jungmann
Set Designer: KRAUSS messe & event – Felix Krauss, Katrin Krauss, Michael Holzer
LED Boards: AIM Sport AG
Thanks To: Allianz Arena München GmbH, Stephan Lehmann, EVISCO AG, FC Bayern Jugendspieler, Tölzer Knabenchor, DO & CO München GmbH, Joseph Vilsmaier