Waterfall | Ritter Sport, Berlin

Lichtgestalten were invitied by Brad Rabbit to realize a waterfall projection mapping for the release of Ritter Sport’s new „Kakao-Klasse“ chocolates. Spanning two floors in the Ritter Sport flagshipstore, we used several projectors to create a seamless waterfall. The waterfall interacted with the square elements mounted to the wall, featuring the artworks of the new chocolate classes. The two escelators right in front of the „screen“ and few possibilities to place the projectors made this mapping quite a challenge, which was overcome by planning, modelling and previsualising everything in 3D beforehand.


Date: 02/02/2019
Client: Brad Rabbit
Technical Planning / Hardware: Lichtgestalten
Projection Mapping: Lichtgestalten
Animation: Gero Eckhardt