MLIVE, Berlin

To kick of its worldwide MLIVE event series, Majestic Casual invited several acts like HONNE, Snakehips or Shir Khan to the Malzfabrik in Berlin. We were responsible for the conception, realisation and live-control of the stage- and light-design. To cover the wide range of musical styles with DJs and bands, we decided to combine projections and lighting which disappear when not in action with black projection surfaces. Furthermore we went for strong backlighting to emphasise the introvert and mystical style of the Majestic Casual brand.

Date: 05 /02/2016
Client: Majestic Casual
Event: Do The Do
Production: Lichtgestalten
Stage Design: Lichtgestalten
Animation, Light: Lichtgestalten
Photos: Michèle Hilbert, Will Day, Benedikt Brandhofer, Lichtgestalten