9ms - Pleats | München

The two drummers Florian König and Simon Popp released their debut-album "9ms - Pleats" on February 26th 2021 via Squama Recordings. For the tracks "Raul", "Kii" and "Tome" we collaborated with director Johannes Brugger to record one-take videos with audio-reactive visuals. The intense and feedback-laden "Raul" was set to distorted squares opening an infinite room vanishing in the dark, while the camera orbits the two drummers at fast pace. The sounds of "Kii" and "Tome" gave some input to the randomly walking lines for an audio-reactive visual which was derived from the original cover artwork of "Pleats" designed by Maximilian Schachtner (dailydialogue.cc).

Date: 23. - 24.01.2021

Music: 9ms | Florian König, Simon Popp

Label: Squama Recordings

Album Artwork: Maximilian Schachtner

Director, DoP: Johannes Brugger

Gimbal Operator: Clemens Krüger

1. AC: Felix Riedelsheimer

Animation, Projection Mapping: Lichtgestalten

Projection mapping at Einstein Kultur, Munich
Audio-reactive video art in Munich
Random walk shader video mapping at Einstein Kultur, Munich
Live video projection in Munich
audio-reactive GLSL-Shader for 9ms
Light art in Munich