Die Vier Letzten Dinge | Stuttgart

Silinee Damsa-Ard and Philip Roscher developed the piece 'Die Vier Letzten Dinge' as part of the Terrorisms International Theatre Festival in Stuttgart. Dealing with a protagonist who loses himself in a never ending clash of religious and social values, the piece tries to find answers for well known question: is there an objective truth? And why do different philosophies and mindsets claim superiority over contradicting or deviant opinions? Miodrag Nerandzic designed the modular stage, which evolves from a 2,20 m sized cube to a cathedral like wall. Throughout the piece, the protagonist locks himself into his own world. Lichtgestalten used this black canvas to work with the concept of perspective: if there’s only one perspective, but we view it from different angles, is it still the same perspective? Are we overchallenged if there are too many perspectives? How much information do we need to perceive something in its intended perspective?

Date: 25. - 27.06.2015

Client: Staatstheater Stuttgart

Production, Concept & Animation: Lichtgestalten

Documentation: Video, photos 1 - 3 | Jan Potente, Photos 3 - 5 | Anastasia Hermann