MS Dockville 2015 | Hamburg

Our second time projecting at the MS Dockville Festival proved again that this festival is one of our highlights. We had the pleasure to map the 170m x 75m surface of the Rethespeicher, the projection flagship of the MS Dockville 2015, and the 50m tall silo next to it. The silo was our proving ground for a new workflow, as we distorted the content onto the convex shape to fit perfectly to the perspective of the festival audience on the other side of the 200m wide channel, creating the illusion that the silos front is invisible.

Date: 20. - 23.08.2015

Client: Kopf & Steine GmbH

Production: Lichtgestalten

Design: Fabian Friedrich, Christian Nicolaus, Lichtgestalten

Animation: Fabian Friedrich, Lichtgestalten

Documentation: David Dollmann, Lukas Nicolaus