Occhio Lightstream | Passau

For Occhio, a Munich-based lighting design company, lichtgestalten created several realtime animations. Mimicking organic structures and movements, these GLSL shader driven animations were programmed in TouchDesigner and projected onto the walls of the "Fels in der Brandung" building located in Passau. The final result was a sureal short film playing with the contrast of the blue hour and the warm light of the Occhio luminaires.

Date: 24.09.2020

Client: Occhio

Lead: Avantgarde

Art Direction, Lighting: Matthias Singer, Clemens Von Loeffelholz

Animation, Projection Mapping: Lichtgestalten

Video-mapping for Occhio with particle animation
Occhio Mito raggio in front of projection mapping
Occhio Mito raggio in front of video art
Occhio Mito raggio and GLSL shader projection mapping
Projection mapping at Fels der Brandung, Passau, with Occhio Mito raggio
Particle projection mapping and Occhio Mito raggio