OGLF step sequencer | ABK

Together with graphic designer Christian Nicolaus we extended our installation XXO with visual elements. Following the core principles of a classic step-sequencer, the installation allowed 8 steps with 8 audiovisual-layers, using Max/MSP, Ableton and Resolume to achieve a flexible setup. The triggered graphics were combined with an atmospheric animation on the two semi-transparent projection screens.

Date: 03.07.2018

Graphic Concept, Motion Design: Bareis-Nicolaus

Interactive Concept, Programming & Installation: Lichtgestalten

Interactive step sequencer with realtime projection mapping at ABK, Stuttgart
Projection mapping on gauze cube
Interactive step sequencer at ABK, Stuttgart
Projcetion Mapping at ABK, Stuttgart
Full white projection on cube
OGLF cube projection mapping
Cube projection mapping with interactive animations
Gauze projection mapping with grid animations
Interactive step sequencer with mapped animations
Projection mapping on gauze cube