RIN | Live 2022

Joining RIN on his headlining festival shows in 2022, we worked together with the stage designers at Studio Clemens Loeffelholz and the motion graphic studio Bewegtbildgrafik on a live show with a focus on a hybrid video setup. By combining pre-rendered and realtime content with a machine learning based realtime segmentation algorithm, we achieved a unique new look of live music visuals. The algorithm identifies the artist through fog and light effects, allowing us to virtually set him on fire or use his silhouette for glass-like effects, trigger fluid simulations or just work with basic color and patterns. Thus every single show had an overall common look, but each performance was unique in its details. We were responsible for the development and programming of the realtime keying, realtime video effects as well as the show operating on site.

Date: 03.06. - 09.09.2022

Client: RIN / Der Bomber Der Herzen

Lead & Stage Design: Studio Clemens Loeffelholz

Concept: Studio Clemens Loeffelholz, Bewegtbildgrafik, lichtgestalten

Pre-Rendered Motion Design: Bewegtbildgrafik

Realtime Motion Design: lichtgestalten

Tour Lighting Director: Emanuel Jörgner

Operating: lichtgestalten

Photos / Video: Sebastian Huber, Paul Gärtner, Bitte Einen Film

Festivals: Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park, splash!, Frauenfeld, and many more...

RIN live visuals at Splash! Festival 2022
Realtime live video effects made with TouchDesigner for RIN at Splash! 2022
Realtime visuals for RIN live at Splash! Festival 2022
Realtime live video effects made with TouchDesigner for RIN live 2022
RIN headlining live at Splash! Festival 2022
RIN live visual effects made with TouchDesigner
RIN live video content in Bietigheim-Bissingen
Realtime segmentation mask for RIN at Frauenfeld 2022
RIN live in Bietigheim-Bissingen 2022