SPEKTRUM 2014 | Hamburg

On the 2nd of August the SPEKTRUM Festival in Hamburg took place. It’s motto „Momentaufnahme Beatkultur“ defines an aim to show what’s going on in all the different genres of beat driven music inside and around the umbrella term of „Hip Hop“. We got the offer to illuminate a wall of 2×3 40′ cargo containers which seperates two stages. To meet the cutting edge motto of the SPEKTRUM festival, we didn’t want to go for classic fullscale projections, but rather give the audience the possibility to scan the surface with an imaginery light for it’s contents. The subtle projection was driven by a tracked pendulum, controlling a 3D engine to generate realtime lights (driven by the pendulum), shadows and reflections of pre-animated objects in front of the container wall.

Date: 02.08.2014

Client: Kopf & Steine GmbH

Concept, Production, Animation, Mapping: Lichtgestalten

Documentation: Jan Wittekindt